Our Story


photodune-6998783-us-army-soldier-on-grunge-american-flag-background--xsHelpoursoldiers.com began with a vision to be the largest veteran organization that assists in providing free, high quality, brand new clothing to our veterans. Our organization has collected tens of thousands of brand new quality professional work clothes from local businesses and organizations in an effort to assist our veterans by providing them the necessary clothing to feel confident about entering the workplace.

Our creation was founded on the premise of ensuring that our military servicemen and their families have the tools and resources to begin the next chapter of their lives. It is easy to praise those who have helped in the time of triumph, but also easy to forget when the event has already taken place.

It is the responsibility of our organization and others to never forget the sacrifices of our brave soldiers who call America home and continually help remember their sacrifices. The sacrifices of our soldier do not end when they leave the battlefield- for many wounded soldiers they are only beginning.


Help Our Soldiers is proud to provide high quality professional work clothing to the most valued members of our society. We stand at the front lines of civilian service for our soldiers who need us more than ever. Whether we are donating here at home or lobbying somewhere in the world, our organization is committed to remind society that we need better and more robust services to our servicemen. Now and in the future, our organization will remain committed to bringing attention and services to the United State’s soldiers.

Our organization will continually push the envelope of creative fundraising, clothing collection, and ways to remind society of the sacrifices of our soldiers. Unlike other organizations which spend nearly 70-90% of all donations on expenses, every resource or piece of clothing that enters our organization goes directly to those who need it. We can only do this because our organization is led by like minded people who believe it their responsibility to fight for those who have already protected us. Join our cause by donating your time or brand new clothing today.