Help a Soldier


army stock women 2 (1)Donate Time

Make our soldiers know how you feel by donating your time to assist in their causes. Although our organization is primarily concerned about getting as many high quality clothing donations as possible, we understand there are many other veteran causes that need attention. Some of the most deserving organizations need your time including:

  • VA: Go to your local VA and help by volunteering your time. Make our soldiers feel welcome and that is somebody is there for them. Your time can greatly affect the mental state of those who have been in battle or are battling for their lives. Your spirit alone is enough to change their mental state. Just watch how thankful the soldiers will be simply because of our presence
  • Wounded Warrior Project: We want to thank the folks from the wounded warrior project who stand on the front lines fighting for our soldiers. There commitment to radically effect the lives of solider is without equal. They are provide services, money and resources to soldiers nationwide. In particular, they assist soldiers who have disabilities by providing them the necessary equipment and lifestyle changes to increase their quality of life.
  • Your Profession: You may special skills that may assist veterans in their transition to everyday life. For example, if you work in the following fields you may be able to greatly help Special skills include:

-Physical therapist



-Health Coach




Our soldiers need as much help as they could get. Donate your time today and watch as your assistance helps soldiers regain control of their lives.

Donate Clothing


Donate your brand new clothing today. It is the vision of our organization to provide as many high quality pieces of clothing to as many veterans nationwide. Your clothes will drastically improve the confidence level of our veterans who need high quality clothing to enter the workplace.

Your clothing donation is a commitment to our soldiers that there are people who are willing to battle for them. Although our sacrifices do not require anywhere near the same level as courage as pour soldiers, our clothing donations change lives. We need your help. We need the help of your friends and family. The livelihood of our soldiers depends on it.