Get Involved

women army stock (1)Oftentimes the biggest casualty soldier’s face is coming back home and not having the tools to transition into the next step of our lives. Our organization provides a specific service for our soldiers which is to provide them with the high quality professional clothing they need to transition into the next step of their lives, which for many of them is entering the workplace.

Our outreach programs were created to get local businesses to donate as many of their brand new high quality clothing to our organization.

There are many ways to help our soldiers.

You can donate:

  • Your Time
  • High Quality Clothing
  • Money
  • Resources

How You Can Help

If you are like us and want to help our veterans as much as possible you can get involved in a few ways.

Create New Initiatives

jerseuThere are many things that our soldiers need including your time, money, resources, jobs training, physical therapy services, mental health practitioners, and many others. Because the government cannot and will not put the necessary resources and strategies in place to assist our soldiers integrate back into society, it is the responsibility of average citizens like you to make the commitment to help our soldiers.

Everyone soldier has sacrificed and remembered the American flag every time they stepped into battle or made the decision to serve. We must take this same commitment and dedicate our time and influence to assist the most deserving members of society.

Get involved by creating new initiatives that do not exist. There is never enough help to the wounded amongst us. Get out of your comfort zone and get your hands dirty, get involved and get others involved. The well being of our soldiers depend on it.

Effect Change

Creating change begins with a small step. We all want to effect great change, but remember the smallest things eventually begin to grow. Effect change by spreading this message. Inform everyone you know of the tragedies our soldiers face when they come back to society. Inform your congressmen, senators and legislatures and let them know how you feel.

If everyone thought they could not effect change, the world would never improve. We need like minded individuals who share the passion of protecting our soldiers by banding together to help our nation. America’s soldiers need your help. They need our money. The need our time. They need us.