Help a Soldier Today!

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the veteran community by providing high quality clothing for free. The purpose of the clothes we donate is to empower young men and women to go back into the world place.


Seeing it as an underdeveloped aspect of veteran funding, we realized many soldiers were coming out of the army with no money or resources to buy professional clothes to adapt to their new lives in the workplace. It is our mission to provide high quality clothing to the veteran at no cost. We provide high quality clothing, shoes, and accessories to help our soldiers.


Our objectives are to provide all servicemen who need or want an updated wardrobe for the work place. We provide professional clothing such as:

  • suits
  • work pants
  • button shirts, polo’s
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • jeans
  • shoes

The purpose of providing high quality clothing to our servicemen is to give them the confidence they need to enter the workplace. Oftentimes, we forget how many of our soldiers were deployed months and years at a time in the middle of battle and how it can be difficult to transition into everyday life. We provide the best for the best

  • We only provide brand new high quality clothing.
  • Provide high quality clothing to servicemen for free
  • Assist in getting servicemen back into the workplace by providing them the proper clothing
  • Serving as an advocate for veteran’s rights
  • Lobbying associations that deal with veteran’s
  • Partnering with other organizations to promote increased funding for veterans

It is the goal of everyone at our organization and all of our partners to bring increased awareness to the issues that veterans deal with such as:

  • Financial stability
  • Job training
  • Integration into society
  • Mental health programs
  • Physical therapy programs